Pammard Services Inc


Cervical Collars

FG004 Cervical Collar
8605X Cervical Collar
Overdoor Cervical Traction Set

Exercise Devices

Thera Exercise Putty
GF1965-1 Pedal Floor Exerciser
Thera-Band Exercise Bands
Exercise Weights

Heating Pads

2072R-1 Neck & Shoulder Wrap
4507-1 Heating Pad
SG006 Hot & Cold therapy

Orthopedic Cushion & Roll

L100 Lumbar Support Cushion
Cervical Neck Roll

Pressure Pads & Mattress

AQ2000 Alternating Pressure Pad
7-4000TC Convoluted Foam Mattress
7-2000TC Convoluted Foam Mattress

Slings, Supports and Bandages

MW184 Arm Sling
Shoulder Support
Knee Support
Wrist Support Bandage
Elbow Support Bandage
Knee Support Bandage
Thigh Support Bandage
Calf Support Bandage


Varelax Compression Stockings
Jobst Compression Stockings
Stirrup Socks

T.E.N.S Unit & Accessories

GETE5EMS TENS Unit with case
GF3 Analog TENS Unit
9260 Digital TENS Electrode
9261 Digital Butterfly Electrode
GF-45 cables