Pammard Services Inc


Apron, Bibs & Brushes

3856 Patient Bibs
3854 Utility Apron
3389 Polypropylene Hand Brush
3853 Apron

Bath & Shower Chairs

7939A Bariatric Bath Chair
ME297 Bath Chair
7929 Bath Bench
5242 White Transfer Board

Bedpans & Urinals

2302 fracture bedpan
2306 stackable bedpan
3228 Stainless Steel Child Bedpan
MW35d Bedpan With Lid
3201 male urinal
3230 male urinal
3214 female urinal

Beds, Bed Rails & Bed Elevator

GF6570A-1 Bed Rails
GF1999 Bed Elevator
MP63 3 Crank Manual Hospital Bed

Blood Pressure Monitors, Lancets & Lancing Devices

1137 Advanced Upper Forearm BP Monitor
1500 BP Monitor
MA10080 Blood Pressure Unit
MW199 Lancer

Commodes & Accessories

2190A Bariatric 3 in 1 Commode
2195A 3 in 1 Commode
7103 Versatile 3 in 1 Steel Commode
9140P Commode Replacement Tips
9140S Commode Replacement Tips
6690A Commode Pail
6691 Commode Pail


1822 Inflatable Cushion
1819 Inflatable Cushion
1823 Cushion With Removable Cover

Emergency Supplies

4499920 Emergency Stretcher

Grab Bars, Rails & Reachers

4063A grab bar
40433A grab bars
6460A toilet safety rail
6450R-2 toilet safety rail
5688 Reacher

Mattress Covers & Pads

3862-1 Protective Mattress Covers
3857 Protective Pillow Case Covers
D0095 Reusable Chair pads
D0095-4525R-1 Reusable Bed Pads
ML012 Blue Slide Sheet


1272 Slumber Mask

Nail Clippers & Tweezers

1790-1 Fingernail Clippers
1790-2 Toenail Clippers
1788 Chrome-Plated Nippers
1792 Heavy Duty Nail Nippers
1784 Stainless Steel Tweezers

Pill Cutter, Crusher & Organizer

5711 pill cutter
5713 pill crusher
5717 pill organizer


GF574G863 Lumex Three Position Recliner

Toilet Seat Raised

6487R-A toilet seat raised
6909A white toilet seat raised

Transfer Tools

PSi Transfer Tool
LOCO -098 Transfer Belt

Shower Head & Swabs

12984 oral swabs
12040 Universal Shower Head
EM016 Dr. Franklyn's Luxury Turbo Spa

Wax Paraffin

2295 Wax Paraffin