Pammard Services Inc


Medical and Surgical Supplies

Applicators & Depressors

1600-4 Wooden Applicator
1600-5 Wooden Applicator
MC241B Tongue Depressors


3232 Stainless Steel Emesis Basin
Pink Plastic Emesis Basin
3231 Emesis Stainless Steel Basin

Blades & Bottles

1196-4 GRAFCO Replacement Blade
Disposable Scapel
2977-3 Surgical Blade Handle
2977-4 Surgical Blade Handle
2976-10 Replacement Blades
2976-11 Replacement Blades
2976-12 Replacement Blades
2976-20 Replacement Blades
2976-21 Replacement Blades

Brushes, Bulb & Valve

2422 blub & valve combination set
3399-1 test tube brushes
Test tube brush


MW78b 2-way standard catheter
MW101 Oxygen catheter
MW62c Suction catheters


Sharp container
Circular sharp container

Cups & Cuffs

5706 Denture cups
2355X ACCUMAX inflation cuffs
2345-2A Blue Cotton Cuffs
3248 Sponge Bowl
3239 Iodine Cup 6oz
3240 Iodine Cup 12oz
3241 Medicine Cup

Dressings, Bandages, Pads & Bags

MC4 Sterile Gauze Sponges
MC201 Elastic bandages
MC3 Gauze Sponges
MC203 crepe bandage
MC207 Cotton adhesive bandages
MC199 Orthopaedic padding
1984-6 Stockinette bandage
Tubular bandage
MC204 Casting tape
MC187 Adhesive wound plaster
MC192 Adhesive wound dressing
Wound & trauma dressing
MC225 Alcohol pads
MW34 Colostomy Bags
MC27 Cotton Rolls
MC10063 Dressing Kit
MC21 ABD Pads
MC177 Kinesiology Tape (Blue)
MC194 Transparent Island Dressing
MC198 Plaster Of Paris Bandages
MC1 Gauze Roll

Diagnostic Sets

1227-4 Diagnostic Set

Ear Syringe

3918-2 Ear Syringe
3918-3 Ear Syringe

Emergency & Safety Supplies

EN455 Nitrile Examination Gloves
3831 Cadava Bags
55-1003 Emergency Blankets
3806 Isolation Gowns
3810C Plastic Shoe Covers
3908 Finger Cot/Nipples (S-XL)
HCH018 Examination Paper Roll

Eye Charts

1243 Kendergarten eye chart
1243-1 Pocket eye chart
1240 Eye Chart
1273 Eye Protector
1241 Eye Chart


2676 Crile Hemostate forcep
2678 Rankin Crile forcep
2686 Rochester-Pean forcep
2692 Rochester-pean
2705 Rochester-O forcep
2708 Myo Hegar forcep
2709 Mayo Hegar needle holder
2730 Ballenger Sponge forcep
2764 Eye Dressing forcep
2768 Splinter forcep
2802 Hartmann Alligator forcep
2725 Backhaus Towel forcep
32190EP Magnifier forcep
2674 Kelly H forcep
Kocher forcep
2744 Thumb Dressing forcep
2798 WIlde Ear forcep
2739 Utility Sterilizer forcep
2755 Russian Tissue forcep
Adson Thumb Dressing forcep
2765 Iris Dressing forcep
2758 Forcep
2757 Addison Thumb Forcep
2750 Thumb Dressing Tissue Forcep
2675 Kelly Hemostatic Curve Forcep
2752 Tissue Forcep
2698 Kocher Forcep
2746 Forcep

Hammers & Instruments

1304 Buck Neurological Hammer
1305 Percussion Hammer
1307 Babinski Percussion Hammer
1314 Tuning Fork
1325 Tuning Fork
1325-1 Tuning Fork
1309 Pinwheel
1372-3 Finger Ring Cutter


1334 Neo-Infantometer

IV Pole, Infusion Set & Regulators

GF7012-1 IV pole
MW167F IV Infusion Set
MW170D IV Flow Regulator

Instrument Trays

3254 Stainless Steel Catheter Instrument Tray
3257 Catheter Instrument Tray SS
3259 Stainless Steel Tray without Lid
3258 Stainless Steel Instrument Tray
2320 Plastic Tray
3262 Flat Tray SS 15 1/8 x 10 1/2
3256 Instrument Tray with Cover
3261 Flat Tray


3233 Dressing jar
3234 Forcep jar
3235 Forcep jar
3459 Applicator Glass jar
3454A-T Labeled Glass jars
3460 Glass Dressing jar
3233-1 Dressing Jar
3233-2 Dressing Jar


1698-1CM Deluxe Exam Lamp

Otoscope Set & Specula

GF 1224 Otoscope Set
1227-1 Otoscope Set
1229 Disposable Specula

Proctoscopes & Pap smear kits

12981 Pediatric proctoscope
12982 Adult proctoscope
Disposable pap smear kit

Pill Counter, Crusher & Cutter

5709 Pill counter
5711 Pill cutter
5713 Pill crusher/cutter


HT485 Physician Scale

Scissors & Sheers

2606 Stainless Steel Lister Bandage Scissors
2607 Stainless Steel Lister Bandage Scissors
2608 Stainless Steel Lister Bandage Scissors
2609 Lister Bandage Stainless Steel Scissors
2611 Clip-On Bandage Scissors
2612 Lister Bandage Scissors
2616 Knowles Bandage Scissors
2624 Straight Operating Scissors
2633 Curved Operating Scissors
2642 Deaver Operating Scissors
2643 Deaver Operatinng Scissors
2646 Mayo Dissecting Scissors Curved
2651 Metzenbaum Dissecting Curved Scissors
2663 Spencer Stitch Scissor
2665 Ligature Scissors
2998BL Chokkin Scissors
1358-1 All Purpose Shears


2857 Graves Vaginal Speculum
2858 Graves Vaginal Speculum
MW1D Disposable Speculum


203X Blood Pressure monitor
202CBK Pediatric Blood Pressure monitor
100-019 Blood Pressure Monitor
100-019LA Self Taking BP Kit
V223 Mobile BP monitor

Stethoscopes & Accessories

400 Dual Head Stethoscope
425 Cardiology Stethoscope
507 Pediatric Dual Head Stethoscope
513 Neo-Natal Stethoscope
602BK Deluxe Sprague-Rappaport Type Stethoscope
602 Sprague-Rappaport Type Stethescope
715 Ford-Bowles Stethoscope
721 Champion Stethoscope
LAB-7100GY Stainless Steel Stethoscope (Adult)
LAB-7300GY Stainless Steel Stethoscope (Infant)
ET300W Replacement Tips
ET600CL Clear Replacement Tips

Syringes, Scalpel & Needles

MW156 Disposable Syringes
MW160B Safety Syringes
MW191 Disposable Spinal Needles
MW165 Disposable Needles
2980#10 Feather Safeshield Scalpel

Tables, Trolleys & Recliners

GF8903P Overbed Table
DTSR/600/DUS/R Dressing Trolley
WT13MS Bed Changing Trolley
WT7MS Folding Linen Trolley
WTMS Trolley Bags


MB29 Digital Thermometer
K3X Wall Mount Thermometer

Tubes & Tourniquets

MW175A Blood Specimen Tube
MW2-4 Test Tube
1806 Tourniquets Adult Size

Urine Bag & Hanger

MW41b Urine Bag
MW43 Urine Bag Hanger

Ultra Sound Gel

GF4002 250ML ultrasound gel
GF4002 Diagnostic & Therapeutic Medical Transmission Gel