Pammard Services Inc


Canes & Crutches

6141A Quad Cane
6121A Quad Cane
6221A Adjustable Cane
5180A Wooden Cane
5960 Folding Blind Cane
5950DF Folding Cane
5950A-4 Folding Cane
3612LF-8 Crutches
6345 Ortho Crutches
GF5949-1 Folding Cane With Seat
6000T Tri-Step Cane Tip


716070A Walker
716270A Walker With Wheels
700175C-2 Walker

Wheelchairs & Rollators

Everest & Jennings 39010540 Wheelchair
Everest & Jennings Traveler SE Recliner Wheelchair
LX1000 Hybrid LX Rollator
3E050320 E&J Wheelchair
EJT500 Wheelchair


9029 Cane Replacement Tips
HT9056 Crutch Accessory Kit
90763030A Wheelchair Footrest
Wheelchair Caster/Wheel
LX9141 Walker Replacement Tips
Wheelchair Cushion
wheelchair wheel
90763022A Arm Pads
7-1999E Wheelchair Cushion
907630B3A 20W/16D Wheelchair Replacement Seat
907630A2A 18W/16D Wheelchair Replacement Back
907630B2A 18W Wheelchair Replacement Seat
907630B1A 16W Wheelchair Replacement Seat
36100 Crutch Tips
LX9001 Cane Tips